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XPI autem generatio: The Book of Kells , the Chi Rho Page.

Dec 25, 2010 F. 34R is referred to as the Chi Rho page because it features the Greek letters Chi, Rho , Iota.

The letters that look like XPI that form the primary page elements are respectively, the Iota.

, , the Chi, the Rho These three letters are used as the abbreviated form of Christ s name in Greek, , open rho that Missing: halaman.

xpi Page of Calligraphy from an iota Anthology of Poetry by Sa iota di , Hafiz.

Page of Calligraphy from an Anthology of Poetry by Sa di , Hafiz Sa di.

Book of Kells Wikipedia The Greek xpi letters chi , rho were normally used in mediaeval manuscripts to abbreviate the word Christ.

In Insular Gospel Books, decorated. , the initial Chi Rho monogram was enlarged In the Book of Kells, this second beginning was given chi a decorative programme equal to rho those that preface the individual Gospels.
Missing: halaman.

Chi Rho' fromThe Book of Kells c. 800) The Independent May 15, 2008 In this illumination the Chi is the dominant form, chi an X with uneven xpi arms, somewhat resembling a pair of curvaceous pliers.

The Rho stands in its shelter, with its loop turned into a iota spiral. There is also an Iota, passing up through this spiral. , an I, the third letter All three letters are abundantly decorated, their Missing: halaman